Cultural Tourism Agency, LLC

In addition to the reserve and the public organization, the Cultural Tourism Agency LLC was established in 2020. This entity resulted from a series of strategic sessions held within the project named “Festival Tu Stan! – expanding the influence and strengthening the capacity of the largest festival of Ukrainian medieval culture” implemented in 2019 with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The Cultural Tourism Agency was established for organization and execution of festivals and other events, finding investors for activities and destination development, and creating tourist servers in the Urych village and the Tustan Valley.

In particular, the Cultural Tourism Agency is working to propel the largest festival of Ukrainian medieval culture “Tu Stan!” to a qualitatively new organizational and economic level. Throughout the year, the agency team seeks resources and partners for this yearly project and for several smaller-scale events aimed at different target audiences. These attractions take place in various locations and formats but share the same concept.

The agency is also working to improve the level of service: it rents out retail space, arranges the area for comfortable leisure, establishes cooperation with local residents who maintain and develop the Urych infrastructure, supports entrepreneurs training. In addition, it offers its own services to tourists: Carpathian cuisine, branded souvenirs, and various entertainment.