Tustan Natural Reserve

Tustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve was established on October 5th, 1994.

The Reserve operations include:

  • active research, scientific and educational activities;
  • protection and preservation of cultural heritage sites – the cliff-side defense complex of the Tustan fortress;
  • cultural and educational projects and promotion of cultural heritage;
  • work with visitors;
  • site improvements and care;
  • cooperation with local population and entrepreneurs and control over compliance with the norms of their activities in protected areas;
  • providing recommendations for building and reconstruction of territories and facilities in protected areas;
  • restoration works;
  • creation of the historical and cultural recreational environment of the Ukrainian Carpathians, development of tourism at both national and international levels.

The Reserve includes:

  • the central part of the ancient Ukrainian fortress Tustan defense facility: the complex of cliffs including Kamin, Ostry Kamin, Mala Skelya, Zholob and cliffs adjacent to the Voron ridge;
  • area adjacent to these cliffs with cultural layers from ancient times to the Middle Ages;
  • defense system (multi-row ditches and shafts) of the Tustan cliff-side complex;
  • hydraulic structure (dam) in the Stavy tract;
  • lands where natural monuments are located.